Islamic Alphabets

  • A – Allah, Aqeeda
  • B- Bismillah
  • C – Creation
  • D – Dunia, Death, Dawa
  • E – Eeman
  • F – Fatiha, Fountain
  • H – House of Allah, Heaven,
  • I – Ink of Scholars, Idris (as)
  • J – Jannah
  • K – Kalam (Pen), Kitab (book), Kufr (disbelief)
  • L – Light, Life
  • M – Miracle, Madrasah, Mountain
  • N- Noor
  • O – Oman
  • P – Paradise, Puzzle
  • Q – Qaida, Qur’an
  • R – River, Ruh (Soul)
  • S – Sword, Sun, Soul, Shaytan
  • T – Taghut/ tyrant
  • U – Unseen
  • V – Voice
  • W – Wonder,
  • X – X-ray
  • Y – Yasmin
  • Z – Zakah

Story of Ibrahim (AS)

Deen – to Sacrifice for Allah azza wa Jal,
Tested Severely – those were the Ambiyah,
Such one of them was Ibrahim(as) – Hanif;
Left his mushrik father Azar, and Idol Worhsipper;
Left the star worshippers of Babylon,
Looked for his only his Rubb (Lord);
Confronted a taghut – called Nimrud,
The Tyrant King of the time,
Thrown into the Fire,
Miraculously Saved by cooling of the Fire,
Miracle of Allah azza wa Jal;
Two of his famous wives Hajra and Sarah,
Mothers of Ismail and Ishaaq;
Hajra settled in Makkah – desperately looking for water,
When Zam-zam gushed out;
While Mushrekeen were sacrificing his children to their Idols,
Allah azza wa Jal tested him severely,
Asked Ibrahim (as) through a dream,
To sacrifice his beloved son Ismail,
Who – himself consented when consulted;
After submitting to his Rubb commandment,
At the very moment – the knife was ready for slaughter (sacrifice), Allah azza wa Jal ordered him
Replaced him with a Ram (young lamb),
And in Remembrance of amazing events,
We have Eid-ul Adha – the Eid(festival) of Sacrifice,
To remind us the sacrife for the sake of Allah (swa).