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  • This organization has been founded in order to create a Muslim Children's Aid and Social Services within the GTA Area (Muslim Foster Care/Adoption and Social Services); 

  • The process is still in development; once approved the organisation may be able to expand within other provinces/territories;

  • The organisation is lobbying the provincial government and makes connection with the social workers and police system - so as to create a liaison between the Canadian social services and the Muslim families;

  • The organization is fighting for Muslim children's rights;

  • The organisation is in need of donations at the grassroots level - so that in shallah will be able to create a government-recognized Muslim Adoption system and social services within the province of Ontario;

  • Services Offered:

  • Case Management/ Trauma Counselling/Support Groups/ Youth at Risk/ Grief Counselling

  • Here are more details on their web-site:

  • Contact info:  email:

  • Therefore it is of an utmost importance for the parent to give the child a proper Muslim name. The following link is provided to search for suitable Muslim names (meanings of the names are also included):


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