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The Duas used in in this section are based upon the book "Hisnul Muslim" ("Fortress of a Muslim) and can be checked in the same book referenced on-line in our book section at the end of the page.

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Iman-e-Mufassal Durood Sharif Dua-e-Qunoot Dua after completing wudhu Before we pray When raining
When it's windy When entering a mosque When exiting a mosque When entering my home When I start a journey When somebody does good to me
When I sneeze When I forget to say bismillah before meal When someone hosted me with a meal When I finish my meal When getting dressed After hearing the adhan in the morning and evening
When I get up from a meeting When I break my fast in Ramadan When I enter the toilet When I come out of the toilet When entering the mosque when leaving the mosque
When any afflictions happens to me When I find anyone in affliction When I visit a patient When I am afraid When I feel anguish When I face an enemy
When I am pleased When I am displeased When I get angry When I enter a muslim graveyard When I intend to sleep When I wake up from sleep
For fear of shirk (Hisnul Muslim) Qunoot of witr (Hisnul Muslim) Qunoot of witr (Hisnul Muslim) Dua Istikhara When entering the market Dua of sajadah when reading the Quran
Remembrance after salaam Remembrance after salaam


Books Section

Book Author
Kitab-ut-Tawheed Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab
Fortress of the Muslim
The Night in Ramadan Naasir-ud-Deen Al Albanee

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