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I currently live in Canada and reverted to Islam in 1998.

I am a mother of three children and have a genuine interest in their education, both secular and Islamic. I also have a general interest in education of all Muslim kids. I started this web-page along with sister Aisha to help parents deliver the message of Islam to their kids in a pleasant way, in sha'Allah. This web-page also provides information on home-schooling and encourages other alternatives to public schools, such as Islamic schools or on-line virtual schools, where the kids can get credits on-line, recognized by home governments.

My teaching experience is in the Secular subjects. I volunteered in the public school system mostly at MGCI (Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute - Toronto, Ontario) and taught the following subjects: (Canadian) Geography grade 9, Travel and Tourism (grade 11), Business (grade 12), (Canadian) History (grade10), ESL Drama (grade 9), Economics (grade 12). By the grace of Allah, I obtained a teaching certificate at OISE (Ontario Institute of Studies in Education), UofT (University of Toronto) in the fields of Economics and Geography - high-school level. I also taught elementary Math (grades 5-8) as a paid position in Madinatul Uloom Academy (Islamic School, Scarborough) for one year (2005).

Due to concerns with Islamic education and to help my daughter, Nadia, improve her academic skills, I am currently part-time home-schooling her (she goes to school half day and half day I teach her). I am also encouraging other parents to home-school or to find alternatives to public schools, which have negative effects on iman (belief) of Muslim children, especially the very young ones.

For any issues in education, or for Islamic work submissions (to Kids Gallery or Free Downloads), regarding teaching Islam or Dawa) you can contact me at

Sister Aisha is also a reverted Romanian sister, currently living in Malaysia. Sister Aisha provided much necessary help in the beginning stage of this web-site, in the field of web-design. She is enthusiastic about Islam, masha'Allah and is currently working to improve her knowledge in the deen. Sister Aisha became recently the mother of baby Yasmin; she also has an interest in Islamic education and she currently runs an Islamic group on Yahoo called:   for any questions on the above topics, you can contact sister Aisha at

All the best,
Sister Mariam and Sister Aisha

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